December 3, 2009

Project Management Tools Comparison

I was working on selecting a good project management tool for our company. Previously I have used BaseCamp and other project leaders of our office use something they are used to (such as google docs). But there was a need for a standard system for the whole office and I was assigned to make a review about the popular and viable systems. I created an email ID for this purpose and signed up for almost 8/9 project management systems [I created the ID as I didn't wanna get any newsletters at my regular addresses].

Now as ours is a small web development firm, according to our need and afford-ability I reviewed some of the top project management tools online. The report is here for share. This is solely my own review and some may differ or argue for their own.

Hope this may help someone ;-)

Have a nice Day.


  1. রেভিএও ভাল ছিল , ধন্নবাদ

  2. Wow, this group of list is great! I have been looking for good project management tools lately until I come across your blog.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this fantastic post. Great work!

  3. @Nathaniel,
    Thanks for peeping into it. It is only a naive try to something big.

    --- Himel Nag Rana