August 4, 2009

First experience to wimax :-)

The word that is bubling around in the media and a large number of known people for quite a long time is 'WIMAX'. I've heard of it but never had a chance to use it as it is not open for all till now and the test transmission at my office area (panthopoth) requires a laptop with wi-fi connection which i don't have. This evening i got a chance to use it accidentally. I'm sharing the story now. As I am posting from my 'vanga' nokia 3110c, there may be some problem with text format. I will fix them soon.

I had to sit for some urgent personal project delivery this evening with my buddy 'zanin'. He bought a nice compaq lappy recently. We sat at a staircase near s@ifur's at panthopoth. No longer we started working, a baloon popup just came saying that we had an active network connection. curiously i clicked the wi-fi button and found 2 active connection. i recognize one of them to be an WI-MAX provider (IT CONNECT) as one of my frnd (http://kousikroy.blogspot.cod) work there. immedietly i called him asking what to do. he told me that they are one test untill 8th of august and only sign up will connect me. as soon as i click connect there site opened with browser asking me to sign up or log in. i signed up. they have an 'on the fly' service i.e. no unlimited line and you have to select speed everytime you log in. they charge 0.01tk per kb. (it's pain and i swear i won't use them paying). however, i choose 512kbps i.e. 64kBps and i was on. the speed was without congestion and no disconnection (i used for almost one hour). frankly speaking i am satisfied with the performance but not with the offer of course.

surely i will use wi-max frequently in near future. but the first time deserves special treat. that's why i shared it here.


  1. We(IT Connect ltd.) are providing WiFi not Wi-Max


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