May 31, 2009

Preparing Research Paper on "Information Security Management in Online Payment Systems" [Part -2]

In step 2, My task will be prepare a demo report keeping the format of a final report and show it to the supervisor for approval. The later events are not possible to put in this article. I will focus on the preparing demo report.

Identifying the key chapters:::
(1.) Letter of Transmittal
(2.) Supervisor's certification
(3.) Acknowledgment
(4.) Executive Summary
(5.) Literature Review
(6.) Data and Analysis
(7.) Findings and Summary
(8.) Recommendations and Conclusion
(9.) References and Conclusion
(10.) Appnendix

In the Executive summary part, I described shortly how a online payment system is similar to everyday buying and selling and then where and how the problems occur. I put the basic finidings of our study here to enrich the executive summary which are --

(a) Lack of consciousness of secure and non-secure connection

(b) Lack of consciousness about up gradation of technology in course of time

(c) Lack of knowledge in choosing popular payment gateways

(d) Carelessness while clicking any link

(e) Visiting Scam sites (which can install malware in user pc)

(f) Lack of security while configuring payment gateway

(g) Above all, putting malicious third party content in the web lessens security of that site.

In literature review chap 1, I have written sub-topics like
>> Introduction >> Scope of the study >> objectives >> Methodology >> Limitation of the study.

In chap 2 , i am discussing about different payment gateways (4 mainly - paypal, authorize dot net, google checkout and 2 checkout) - their flow, merits, flaws, poplarity etc [Chap Name -- payment gateway benchmarks].

in chap 3, i will consider theory of info secu management to relate them here.

In chap 4, i am discussing security articles fromdifferent journals and find out some ocommon scenario to analyze them.

In chap 5, perspective bangladesh

In chap 6, Data collection [primary and secondary] and analysis

In chap 7, Findings and Summary

In chap 8, recomendation for common people usage, for administratiors, for decisionmakersof bangladesh.

In chap 9, all the referneces and colcusions

In chap 10, appendix

In my next post I will provide the complete view of the paper and provide download links for paper.

So loooonnnnngggggggg <3

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