May 20, 2009

Preparing Research Paper on "Information Security Management in Online Payment Systems" [Part -1]

As a part of my MBA study at Faculty of Business Administration, MBA (Evening Program), I have to submit a research paper. As I am working with e-commerce web applications for the last two and a half years and in my mind i cherish to have further study or courses on Information Security and as there heard to be a chance of opening e-commerce transactions in Bangladesh --- I decided to catch the opportunity to present a contemporary issue for Bangladesh. This issue may not be contemporary with the rest of the world. And I chose "Information Security Management in Online Payment Systems"as the topic.

My basic focus was in finding out managerial decision regarding information security. Moreover, about measures should be taken, awareness among the probable community members, data base modification for using FOSS, etc should be a part of the report.

A small part of this qualitative task is a survey on which data regarding the behavior tendency takes place. I have used SurveyMonkey to store the questions and host the survey and do some pre-configurations to analyze or view data. I have received a lot of response and they are fair enough.

According to the result, The following pattern is found ---

(1) People who use internet for a long time, makes less mistake.
(2) People who looks for 'https' in the site, makes less mistake, instead who looks for known sites or reputed site makes comparatively more mistakes and becomes victim of fraud.(!!!)

I think the reason for the second one is usually people don't pay much attention while being in and paying in a known or reputed sites. So more chance of become a victim of spoofing.
But I came to know that by a technique called "SSL Sniff" even real "https" sites can be made unsafe. The survey result is just some comon pattern not a whole image as the population is a big in the e-commerce facility consumers.

So, bye for now. I will be back soon with the paper itself whenever it is ready.


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