May 18, 2009

PhpXperts Seminar on "Latest Development Trends" ::: My Experience

With so much excitement i was at the phpXperts seminar 2009 titled "Current Development Trends". Though whatever you can call me, you can't call me an expert ... I just achieved the benefit of being too much enthusiastic about the meet by signing up early and then confirm my presence very early. The experience was in a word warm and inspiring.

Through the internet community many of the developers are almost known to each other, either by name or by nick name. I guess nick naming is a smart and catchy style. Following the leaders, someone like me also use nickname. 'Ajib', isn't it? The seminar offered everyone a chance to meet the 'name' or the 'nick' perosnally. It was very much enjoyable.

It was a work day. I told my boss earlier on that i have to leave. So I arrived at the seminar before time with shiplu. As always I loved to be almost a back-bencher. I met my old colleague curzon vai , debashish at the premises of BU. Then came to meet shoeb, arafat vai , raju vai and Jobaer Shuman vai. After that It was over whelming to hear the names of people whose mail addresses and mail names or twitter names or FB names were familiar to me.

The main proceeding of the function started unusually punctually. Hasin sir, Mr. emran, Mr. Junal, Mr Hasan, Mr Anis, Mr Mizan, Mr Mahmud and my ex-colleague Bijon vai were the presenters. Each and every person there worked hard for there preparation for presentation, it was obvious from there attitude or it may be their experience speaking, not them ;-) The presentation slides are available here. I am not someone smart or expert enough to comment on those people, but particaularly I enjoyed mostly 3 presentations . They are hasan vai , junal vai and hasin vai. Hasan vai was just extraordinary and for his throwing in natural style - tough things like Quality Applition Development became easy enough to a stupid like me. Junal vai just showed us how to eat rice ... his presentation was straight enough (may be because of the topic and familiarity of the topic) to get the whole thing and I am pretty much sure almost 50% of teh audience have tried to develope simple FB apllication after taht evening [actually i am being on the safe side as I am one of them]. Very soon I will be posting on my tryon that ;-) The topic covered by hasin vai was a little bit advanced level issue but the depth and beadth of his lecture was scalable itself :D . Well just leave the kidding, it was just enough for the beginners to get teh idea of scalability and for the inermediarries it was of perfect understanding.

The best moderator section was cool enough, and the photo session of the moderators were formal enough. I enojoyed that as much as I enjoyed the snacks.

With a dream, spread by the seminar left BU to home, that someday not vary far we will have a meet up like a camp and we will be developing something for our country there. I gained a confidence that if I work a bit harder I can be an expert. I think that is the success of the seminar.

Some moments are caught by my 'sosta' nokia 3110c ..........


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  4. Really glad that you liked it! thanks rana bhai :)

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